About Me

Welcome to Hope Wrestles!

I am delighted you found my space. I hope these writings will appeal to you! Writing is my way to make sense of the world and remember what is true: People matter more than stuff, everything that happens in this crazy world is used for my good and God’s glory, and I always can choose how to respond! ;-)

I am a mama, an educator, a wife, an avid book reader but mostly, a child of God. He leads, I follow. He teaches, I learn. I fall, He picks me up. I seek Him and I find He reveals His great love to me day by day. His presence overwhelms me in all the right ways!

Maybe something I wrote will encourage you to hopefulness and thankfulness. I share my perspective, which is sometimes bittersweet, frequently honest, in hopes that you might grow in trusting the goodness of God. Thank you for spending a few minutes exploring what I have to share.